Expense Report

Concur Expense makes getting reimbursements fast and easy!


Electronic expense report system for reimbursement of travel, entertainment and miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses.

Concur Expense is now live across campus for all Faculty, Staff and Students.  This new system was implemented to streamline the travel booking and expense reimbursement processes for faculty, staff, and students who are conducting University business. The Penn Travel & Expense Management (TEM) team rolled out Concur Expense, the expense report submission module of the Concur Travel & Expense Management application, to each of the University departments, Schools, and Centers over the past few months.  An Advisory group made up of representative from the schools and centers will continue to offer feedback as users interact with the system.

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Best Practice:

Complete and submit your expense report within 2 weeks of the trip end date or expense transaction date to ensure quick reimbursements.

The new Concur system offers a number of benefits to the University community including:

  • Streamlined electronic process for the submission, review, approval, and payment of expense reports;
  • Shorter cycle times for reimbursement;
  • Integration with the Penn Travel Card from Bank of America — reducing manual entry of expense data and enabling direct payment to the credit card company for approved expenses;
  • The ability for designated individuals to book travel and prepare expense reports on behalf of others;
  • Robust reporting and expense tracking;
  • Applications available for mobile devices;
  • Improved compliance with University policies – business rules are built into the system;
  • Ability to authorize students who travel or incur expenses on behalf of Penn to use the system; and
  • Optimal spend aggregation and improved rate negotiations with University providers.